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Installing solar energy in your home will be a great investment. It is an investment that will save you a lot of money that would have gone to paying utility bills. The solar power makes use of the suns energy and therefore most home owners are concerned how effective solar panels are in winter. It’s obvious that in winter, the sun is not out as much compared to in summer. Wondering how effective is solar in winter? Well, let’s explore this further.

Myth: Solar Panels Will Not Work in winter because they are powered by Heat

Fact: Solar Panels are powered by Light and hence will work in winter. How true is this?

First, let’s understand how the Solar Panels Work

The Solar panels make use of the light particles commonly referred to as the photons to produce energy. This happens when the electrons are knocked free from the atoms, an act that leads to the generation of electrical energy. Basically, the solar panels are made of the photovoltaic cells and hence they are capable of converting the sunlight into electricity. The solar panels have many photovoltaic cells that are linked together. These photovoltaic cells establish an electrical field when fed with the light particles or the photons.

Having said that, the bright days are what the solar panels need to produce the energy. Thus, in dark winter seasons, the solar panels are not producing enough energy because they lack enough light. The same occurs when we are experiencing shorter days and longer nights.  However, note that the effectiveness of the solar panel will largely depend on the rating of the panel.

In conclusion, in winter, the solar panels will not produce the expected results. Consider that in winter, we are experiencing shorter days. This might not be very good because this is the time when you are using up more electrical power. This is to heat the house and also in lighting because of long nights.

After the solar panels have been installed, it is important you keep an eye on the meter to know the amount of energy being produced. This is also very important in winter so as to consider reducing the power usage when it’s not very cold and saving more energy for the extremely cold nights.

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