How Solar Systems Work?

Solar Systems are the most Popular form of Reusable Energy.

A solar system has some main components which help energy generation in your buildings.

  • Solar Panels

The solar panels generate DC Electricity from the sunlight.

  • Mounting System

Supports the panels and inverter.

  • Inverter

Conversion of energy from DC to AC which makes it reusable for your homes.

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Where to Install Your Solar Panels?

Our experts guide you on the best spots for maximum energy generation.

The most common place for solar panel installation is the roof. Flat roofs are easiest but our expert workers can help you install solar systems on your

Shade awnings

Ground mounting

We Inspect the Site First

Before starting to practically install your Solar panels, we evaluate the site. Our experts use their skills and experience to determine what places are best for maximum energy generation through solar panels.

Monitoring Systems

Let’s you Monitor the Performance of your Solar System.

California Energy Rebate provides a remote monitoring system with your solar panels. You can view the amount of energy your solar system generates on these monitoring units. You can view the performance on your computer or we can provide you with a wireless device. We also offer an app for your smart devices.

Battery Back-up System

Our workers can help you with a battery backup system for your solar panels. We will develop and install a backup system that is appropriate for your needs. The size of the backup battery depends on the amount of energy generation.

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Heliotex System

Automatic Cleaning System for Your Panels

If you live in a dusty area where regular cleaning of these solar panels is a must, California Energy Rebate offers a revolutionary cleaning system for your Solar Panels. This is an automatic cleaning system for your panels. It saves you all the extra amount of time and effort that you will have to make for manual cleaning.

We Provide Maintenance for Your Solar Systems

We recommend annual maintenance inspection of your solar panels. Call us for an inspection and we will assess the condition of your panels. In case of damage, necessary measures will be taken for optimum performance.

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