Commercial solar panel installation

New technologies coming in every second solar power is another approach towards the future. Solar energy system can remarkably reduce the energy cost of your sizeable commercial business set up. Choose California Energy Rebate Program to install and design solar panel installation so that our client take maximum advantages of this technology. The solar energy system brings power to your future. For an understanding of the solar panel and its installation choosing the right solar panel installation company is necessary.

What benefits your company get when hire us for solar panel installation

Marked reduction in electricity bills

In a commercial building like offices, restraints, hospitals, hotels and more consumption of electricity is threefold as compared to residential energy consumption. By choosing our company for commercial solar panel installation, you will remarkably notice the reduction in bills. Our worker understands the science of solar energy and its effects on the solar panel.

A professional team will work for you

Ours professional team offer monitoring, maintenance, implementation, financing, and designing of your solar energy system.

We discuss your requirements

Before installing a solar panel for your commercial building, we set up a meeting with you. As for commercial buildings, the solar panel is installed on a large scale. We discuss with you your usage of electricity and your working hours, and then our team will design a solar panel.

Have several year experiences in commercial solar panel installation

Our company is the largest integrated installer and designer of California solar energy system, and we have several years of experience mainly in commercial solar panel installation.

How we plan for commercial solar panel installation

Consultation about energy efficient

We analyze the site and building for which you want a solar panel.

Implementation and design

Then comes financing

Support and maintenance



What we aim at when working on commercial projects

Cost for commercial projects

When we work on a commercial project our company aims to eliminate or reduce the price that is linked with electrical utility services

Our commercial solar panel or solar power system combines technology and economy

Our company’s commercial solar panel installation, combines technologies and economy bases-solutions that promptly low the energy cost for the government, commercial and business.


Who gets benefits from our commercial solar panel installation

Construction companies


Commercial and industrial business

Resorts and hotel


Government facilities

We take every commercial panel installation to complain seriously

Our company works for you. If you have any complaints and questions regarding commercial panel installation you can email us or call us.

We offer free maintenance of commercial solar panel maintenance

You have installed the solar panel for your business, but it requires maintenance too. Our company when installing the solar panel system they keep on track of our projects and deliver free maintenance service for one year.