Residential solar panel installation

Is electricity bills cost you an arm? Why do not you use solar energy to power up your home electrical appliances? Power your home from solar energy is less than electricity bills or almost free. In short sun energy is easier and cheapest than you think.  California energy rebate program team is professional and installed thousands of residential solar panel in California.

Overview of the solar system

Solar power system consists of

Solar panel



Electricity meter

Electric grid

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How this solar power system works

When sun rays hit the solar panel, it generates DC energy

Then the inverter converts DC energy into AC energy

At home, you use 240V AC electricity for electrical appliances

Extra energy fed back into the main grid

Benefits you will get from residential solar panel installation

Double the value of your house

Reduction in electricity bills

Tax incentives

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We are qualified residential solar panel installers

Installation of the residential solar panel is challenging that’s why residents of California chooses qualified solar panel installer like California Energy Rebate Program.

Residential solar panel installation cost

We know most of you know are worried about the cost of solar panel installation, our company provides financing options so that you can go for solar panel installation or solar energy system affordable.

Reliable services our customer gets a high return

By utilizing the solar energy for your residential area you will get the advantage of tax incentives, deductions, and rebate. With our company’s reliable service, our customer get the best return on the

Our team is educated

Understands the direction of sun rays

For the solar panel installation, it is essential to understand the direction of sunrays. Your solar energy system is based on the energy of sun rays.  Our solar panel system installation expert recommends installing the panel on the roof. They know where and in which direction modules should be installed to take full advantage of sun rays.

They can install panel as per your demand

We can install a solar panel on other areas rather than roof as per your demand and making it possible to generate energy for your home.

We aim to install solar panel 90 degrees to sun rays

Our solar panel installer will target to install the solar panel modules 90 degrees to sunrays. At this position, the solar panel generates more DC energy for your home.

Many of you are looking for residential solar panel installation because of its numerous benefits, but choosing the right one for the installation of a solar panel system is essential. Our company, offer affordable installation along with yearly maintenance.