Solar Maintenance

 Using Solar Systems at homes and commercial buildings is an energy efficient way to reduce electricity bills. Each year more and more people are investing in solar energy generating systems because of the environment-friendly and stress-free status of these systems. With regular maintenance, solar systems run smooth and up to their full potential.

California Energy Rebate provides solar panel maintenance for residential as well as commercial solar systems. We help your solar set-ups to generate maximum energy with professional expertise.

Our Maintenance Services for Solar Systems include an overall inspection and also specific problems.

Inspection of Circuit-breakers and Connections

An improper connection or a dysfunctional circuit-breaker can cause short-circuiting in your panels or the system. Our team of expert workers inspects every connection thoroughly for any breaks. We treat all problems in connection as a priority.

Maintenance of Solar System Inverter

An inverter is significant for energy conversion. The energy that your solar panels produce is useless without an inverter. Similarly, if your inverter is faulty, you will receive less usable energy for your homes or offices.

California Energy Rebate thoroughly rules out all possible problem areas in your solar panels. We provide solar panel maintenance services for your inverters and clean them up for optimum performance.

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Fire Code Compliance for the Safety of Your Building

Often non-professional and in-experienced installers do not comply with the safety fire code of respective area. it is highly dangerous!

Leaving space for exhaust and enough reachable space to put out the fire is non-negotiable for building safety. We inspect the solar system installation concerning the corresponding area fire code. Any possible solutions in case of violation of the fire code are our responsibility.

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Replacement of Corroded Wires

Some installers are not careful in their choice of wires. If the wires are not meant for the outdoors, they corrode easily and cause energy breaks. Our workers can efficiently replace any corroded wires with better ones that suit the weather conditions in your area.

Shade reduces Energy Output

Our team inspects your solar panels for any possible shading issues. We study your solar panel surroundings for any possible shades that reduce energy output.

Monitoring System Installation and Service

You can have us install monitoring systems for your solar panels. Monitoring systems are a great way to know precisely how much energy your system is generating. You can have a monitoring system installed at your homes or let us install it on our servers. With a monitoring system on our servers, we can keep your solar systems in check at all times. In case of any trouble, we will have our monitoring stats to help us figure out problems.


We recommend regular maintenance for all solar systems. With routine maintenance, any issues which might cause trouble are foreseen in time. It is a healthy practice for the safety of your homes and families.

Regular maintenance increases the efficiency of your solar systems and makes them last longer.